Friday, October 15, 2010

Finally Friday !

And I should be working on swaps right now, but I really want a nap, but I should be organizing my supplies, and I should be.....well, you know how it goes....the nap will come first ! I'm really starting to get hooked on swaps, I am currently in 6 of them. I like to get a basket and pull all the stamps and paper related to what I'm doing, and then go from there. Theoretically, then I put all the stuff back when I am done.

I really need to beef up this blog and post some pictures and make it interesting, so that thousands of you will follow me and I can offer some blog candy. I just found out there is a CTMH rep in town, and there are some gatherings coming up, so I'll get out of the house and have someone to talk to besides the cats.

Happy Friday Y'all !

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