Friday, December 31, 2010

Maya Road Goodies

Right HERE on Maya Road's FB Page, follow instructions, win $30 of goodies !

Mo Manning Freebie

If you have seen Mo's drawings art, I know you love it. If you haven't, I know you will. Mo has graciously made another freeebie piece of art for us, along with 3 sentiments. To collect this, please go here and "like" her FB page, then follow the instructions for download. It's easy peasy, and takes just seconds.


Although this is a freebie, Mo is a digital Artist (like Janna) and they make their money from hits to their site and number of downloads they have, which leads to more customers who eventually buy the images that are for sale. These images are their reputation. Mo has had several issues with sites in countries other than the US, as well as in the US. They copy her work and even take her copyright off the images and claim them as theirs (corrected misspelling from hers to theirs). Copyrights and digital sharing are serious business, not to be messed with. If you think you see work that appears to be stolen on another site, please let the original artist know.

Before you share or sell anything you make with ANYONE'S images, be sure to check their Angel policies.

Crafter's Companion Contest

 From their blog : Here is how you can win one. Just refer all of your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to our blog. Once they sign up they need to email me at and have them give me the name of the person that referred them. (that would be you). You can have as many entries as you want, it's all up to you. Then the people that you referred can refer their friends to get in the contest too. So lets get going and start spreading the news. The contest ends on January 31st so you have plenty of time to make your list of people to contact.

Treasure Trove !!

Here is a great reason to get yourself a Twitter account, if you haven't already. Looking up #giveaway will get you a listing of giveaways on Twitter. Again, not all craft. Wish I could stick to all craft giveaways, but this has cool cool stuff, and alot of it ends TODAY !

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Numerous Freebies of all kinds

This site has a number of different freebies, not all craft related -- Ascending Butterfly

Thursday's Loot

Not alot for you today, but it is miserably snowing and going to get VERY cold here in South Dakota, so I figured I'd see what there was, it's been kind of high and dry lately. So here they are :
EK Success Brands Home for the Holidays ends 12-31. Also sign up for the newsletter to keep on top of things

PebblesInc  Submit your comment by Sunday at midnight (EST). Winner announced Monday morning

BurdaStyleSews Scroll down a few comments for the giveaway

CK Sweepstakes Holiday Trim Sweepstakes I think I posted this already, but if you missed it, here it is again...only ONE entry allowed, more than one will invalidate all entries by you. Ends Dec 31

PSA Stamp Camp wants to know what kind of punches you use. Doesn't appear to have a prize attached, but I'm a firm believer you should visit this site at least a couple times a week. At least.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Surprise - not so surprising

Was planning to have pictures up by this morning. Went to get the battery out of the charger, because 24+ hours should be enough, right ? Battery was dead as a doornail. Bad connection between the charger and the wall. The whole thing is close to 10 years old anyway. I have a 1.3 MP Nikon Coolpix, got it when it first came out for about $400....I think they sell on eBay for like $1.25 now...LOL. onestly, it takes great pictures, even if they are blown up to 8 x 10s.

Have a Workshop on the Go with my CTMH friends tonight, we're using the Magnifique Workshop - gorgeous blues and brown and teals. I hear a rumor there's a mini catalog coming soon, will clarify tonight if I can. Right now and until the end of Dec, if you spend $20 at a consultant's site (use the CTMH badge on the blog here), you will get a random set worth $ that's a deal. I can't do it myself this month, but like I said, hit that CTMH on my page and it takes you right to my Joani !

Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm back Again ... With a BIG Announcement

Just needed a couple of days to relax, unwind, and celebrate Christmas with my mother. Good food, great presents, lots of sugary things that are absolutely no good for know, the holidays, Christmas, whatever you call it, it's just that time of year to appreciate what you have and who is in your life.

If you are in the United States, you are living under a rock if you don't know Oprah is going to have her OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). Kind of bums me out, because she's taking over the Discovery Health channel, which is what I watch when I can't sleep. Okay, now for the bottom line_______________________ I am branching out. I'm going to make this a REAL Blog, the way I intended it to be. By the end of this week, I'm going to have tabs for you to go to to look at my work, cards I have received from swaps, and some very basic tutorials. Many of them may be tutorials you have already seen, but it will be my product at the end. Credit will be given to the original poster of the tutorial. I'd like to do some sketch challenges, color challenges and eventually a blog hop. I'm so happy I have my 10 followers thru Google friend connect, I also have some from Twitter and Feedburner. I didn't realize how many people were coming to see me ! Once I get 25 followers thru Google Friend connect, I will give some blog candy away to one or two lucky followers. Get me to 100 followers, and it will be even BIGGER !!

The Christmas season was rich with giveaways, but I suspect that kind of traffic is going to scale back a bit. There are magazines and manufacturers who have weekly giveaways, and I will try to keep up with them as I have been. One of my tabs will include my favorite companies, and another will list the giveaways. Blog Hops and product releases often result in prizes too, so as much as I can, I will follow those and report back to you.

So, while the dust settles and then stirs up again, nice things will be happening here. Please stay with me and let me know how you feel about whats going on !