Saturday, February 19, 2011

Really lzy poster today

No energy today - none at all. Fell asleep at the desk last night, sitting up in my chair, for SIX hours !!! At least I didn't go face first into the laptop as I have done before. Had fun at CTMH card class today, but there's not a speck of light coming in the windows, so will rig up a light tonight. Promise !!

Have fun with the links, they will take you to where you need to go. ALSO....would LOVE some FEEDBACK on my site PLEASE ! And send me some of your friends. As soon as I hit 25 followers on Google Friend Connect, I will have BLOG CANDY !!! Have them list you as a referral, and the one with the most referrals before I close the candy eligibility will get a little something for themselves. Candy will be open to current blog followers as well. Love you all, it's what keeps me coming back to post, especially my friends in Germany and Canada !! Now GO !!/pages/GLUE-ARTS/118333407462  may be a repost - but good thru the weekend, watch the video

Reminder - they will be giving away a (new, I think) Cuttlebug in March. Sign up for their newsletter, scroll down, down, down!/MyMindsEyeInc

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Night - a BUNCH of stuff being given away

If I counted right, there are 14 giveaways in this post. First of all, I am going to apologize because it is entirely possible that I may have duplicated something from earlier. I usually note the time when I finish my last post and go from there, but I think FB is a little funky with what is getting posted where. That being said, which style of posting do you prefer ? The "there's a pony in there somewhere" - where I give you a number or a letter that takes you where you need to go, or this "style" in this post, where I give you the names of who has the giveaway, with some of them having explanations behind them?

Another thing I am contemplating is adding a tab with all the sites I follow, with a link to their FB page and to their blog, so you can check the spots yourselves, OR do you prefer that I hunt things down for you, OR a combination of both ?

This blog is for you (and of course I enter the giveaways too), so if you want something, you have to tell me.

So now, get yourself something to drink and prepare yourself to sit awhile to enter all these giveaways !

create: Blog

Sizzix  not a giveaway, but a great sale !


May Arts Ribbon

Club CK

Roberts Crafts  scroll way, way, way down

Making Memories

Glue Arts  scroll, scroll, scroll

Lindy's Stamp Gang  involves making a project and submitting it (online, I think) by Feb 20) for chance at prizes

AC Moore  Only works if you have a "smart" iPhone. I'm not happy with the premise, but if you want to and can do this, good luck.

Roberts Crafts different than the earlier offer at the top of this post. As with most giveaways at Roberts, you can get 8 - 10 entries, which gets pretty time consuming, but if you have the time and patience, go for it !

Scrapbook and Cards Today Did you know that this fabulous magazine is from Canada ? And did you know it is absolutely FREE ? Online, that is...but you will love it, follow it on FB and read them regularly on the SC&T website !

Paper Crafts Connection  This is a HUGE prize package. Sometimes the place to click for comments is at the top of the post, sometimes it is at the bottom.

The Crafting Chicks Another HUGE basket-o-craft supplies. Make sure you like them on FB first, or you won't be able to comment. Opportunity for up to 3 entries.

Want more hits/visitors to your Blog ?

I've been running this for awhile now, but I thought I should share it with you. When I first started out running my blog, I searched for a way to draw more visitors to the site.

Obviously, you need to be providing information relevant to your readers, and it should be unique in some way. Then, you want to draw people in from the search engines - say, when someone does a search, you want your results to appear as close to the first page of search results as you can. can update the search engines (19 of them). Just go to their site, fill out their info, then bookmark it to your favorites bar. Then, every time you update your page, go to Pingomatic, click the button, and it will send out a ping and update the search engines for you !

TGIF -- Find the Prize !

Apparently I got up alot earlier than the prize givers did ! Anyway, here's the first three  I could find since last night. Have fun, Good Luck, and I will see you later !!




Thursday, February 17, 2011

More for You !

A couple of these may have been posted before. I do that because it may be an ongoing contest, which I will usually tell you, or it's a site's desire to raise their fan base. I repost because some people may not read all of the posts. I'd be very happy if you passed this little blog on to your crafty friends, and ask them to join us via Google Friend Connect. I have stated in the past that once I get 25 people via Friend Connect, I will offer blog candy. I also have it on pretty good authority, that once my readership reaches 100, I will have an outside sponsor donate a prize. I can guarantee it will be a fun one !! Okay, so in keeping with my earlier post, I am going to post links, and you get to find the prize. There may or may not be more than 1 prize connected to a link. Please keep another couple things in mind...most giveaways and contests are one entry only. And for the most part, they are open to everyone--everywhere. If they aren't they will normally state that. If you want to pass something on to your friends, I suggest you send a message to a select group of people that you KNOW are crafty like us. Just make another list within FB, and you can send it just to those people. Here we go !!






F (might be a duplicate from today's first post)


Find The Prize

On all my posts for the next couple days, I will post the link, you find the prize ! (There may be more than one in some of the links) Here we go !!






Seven   (Involves submitting a layout)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Getting back up to Normal

I'm feeling better and am almost back to full power, except for the occasional night I can't sleep, so before I nap this morning, I wanted to share a couple of giveaways that are out there.

CraftCritique reviews the Imaginisce Glue Gun. Comment for a chance to win.

MyMindsEye is looking to boost their members and will be giving away the new Cuttlebug and an Expression, along with some accessories. Sign up for the newsletter and tell all your friends !

Free tag download

I just got "The Scoop" email from Paperwishes. This usually features new products and a free project or two. It's a really great resource for me. This time they are featuring Time for Fun Papers and ribbons. ALSO - there is a free download of very cool tags that perfectly coordinate with this set, or you can print them out and use them on other projects. Another helpful thing is the suggested accesories, like the clock stamp set. I'm really hooked on clocks right now. Click  HERE to get your free download. Print them out on white or cream cardstock, and you have a bunch of really nice tags. Sign up for their newsletter, and you can have ths come to your inbox !