Saturday, November 20, 2010

You've got until Midnight !

Then you lose a shoe, your coach turns into a pumpkin, your coachmen turn into mice.....But seriously, go HERE  and leave a comment about the post, and you could win a Mod Podge T-Shirt and a sample pack of 5 different kinds of Mod Podge.

Are You a Verve Fan ? Would You like to be ?

Dec 3, 2010 Release party  From "There'll be set reveals, beautiful sample projects from the Divas and a whole lot of prizes! " Check out the post and mark your calendars.

Scrapbook Trends

Do this by midnight tonight ! Scrapbook Trends Facebook page Their giveaway sponsor is Sassafras, the prize package includes: “Count Me In” 6x6 patterned paper pad, cardstock alpha stickers, 2”x 3” mini playing cards, and 2 sets of flower adhesive button blossoms. Follow the directions in the post, and good luck !

Are You Having Any Luck ?

Just curious to see if you have had any problems entering any of the giveaways. Sometimes (to me) the instructions are a tad confusing.

Have you won anything from the postings here on the blog ?

Have you discovered anything new to you from the badges and blinkies ?

What else would you like to see here ?

The comment section has been changed, I thought it took up alot of space. Just click where it says comments, then add yours. I'd really like to get feedback on how this is working for you.

Now for a little nap before I go to Coffee and Cards. Every Saturday, Joani, my CTMH demo, sets up at a cool local coffee shop, and we do 3 cards for $5, and buy a beverage. Small group, usually 10 or less, the stuff is already cut for us, we just glue, stamp, color and embellish. And talk. ALOT !!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Create : Friday Giveaway

Create is doing 30 Days of Holidays Giveaways. The prize winners will be announced the next day. They do Friday giveaways. I highly reccomend you read the entire post, there's more in store for you ! Create

Echo Park Paper's Random Comment Contest

Go to Echo Park Paper's FB page and leave your ideas for lines of paper you'd like to see. There will be multiple winners over the weekend who will  receive the entire, "Be Mine" collection.

KinderStampO video/prize

KinderStampO Ustream class/Imaginisce kit

There will be a Ustream class at 8:30 Central time this evening, and we'll be shown how to make the Dino-Mite mini album featured on the page a couple days ago. There will also be a chance to win an Imaginisce kit ! Go on over to the FB page and check it out.

Found another offer, couldn't sleep

jillibeansoup is on day 5 of their 10 day giveaway, so click on the big green word, answer the question, and have another chance at winning. Ten days of celebrating and giving....that's some pretty generous folks !

One more before bed

Wanted to get this one out before I passed out on the keyboard. Don't laugh, it's happened ! I get the PaperWishes newsletter, and just about every time they have new paper lately, they have a downloadable PDF of some really spiffy tags. I like to print mine on either Kraft paper (kinda dark) or Bristol Vellum. It's not real vellum, it's a 9 x something good sturdy paper, so if you have a regular printer, you have to trim it down. So, on to the download Paper Wishes downloadable Tags If you get their newsletter, just type free downloads, and it pops up the papers that have the tags. This particular set is called Christmas splendor, and they are bee-yoo-tee-full !! I'm thinking good white or vanilla cardstock to print on this time. Hope you can find some use for them, would love to see what you do, send me a link or a picture.

Kittens are waiting on me

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Free Downloads

From Crafter's Companion  a 6 page PDF download of papers and sentiments and Peter Rabbit images designed to be used with their Winter Wonderland stamp set, but you could do anything with them. Other downloads are instructions and such for those of you who might own the Crafter's companion. It's a little pricey for me, but watch one of the videos on the home page, it's pretty cool.

Really Lovin' Imaginisce !

And there's still more to come with a tutorial tomorrow and the final day of the release party on Saturday, still chances to win ! Now for this moment's fun from their webpage/FB ""Today we'd like to celebrate ALL THINGS you will win a box full of yummy Imaginisce PINK products. All you need to do is leave a comment on our FaceBook Wall about your favorite Enchanted project you've seen this week on our blog! We'll pick the winner off FACEBOOK for today!""  HERE

Oh Happy Day !

From Imaginisce :" Jump over to the Oh My Crafts blog today and tell them which IMAGINISCE tool is your favorite and why!?? Then come back here and tell us you left them a comment. Winner will receive one of the new i-bond cordless glue guns." here's a kicker, the Imaginisce notice says which IMAGINISCE tool is your favorite, and the Oh My Crafts blog says which TOOL is your favorite. Don't know if they are individually picking comments, or just using the random generator. At any rate, there were 90 comments already when I, start HERE and follow the directions.

Edited to Add: Oh My Crafts is giving away a Bo Bunny Toolkit, so there's 2 prizes up for grabs. Let's all cross our fingers and toes !

Just a Polite Request

I haven't been "in business" here very long, and I'm not really good at math, but I'm thinking that my 7 loyal followers haven't made almost 400 visits in one month. I'm doing this because I want to, and because I enjoy it. What I'm asking is if you take the time to come look at my blog, and partake of the offers I have found and posted for everybody, at least leave a comment, and at least consider becoming a follower. One day I'll have alot more to offer besides offers, but I think what's being posted right now is pretty good. I'm just not feelin' the love..........


Another Partnership

Websters Pages and Unity Stamp Company have partnered up. You need to go to each facebook page and leave a comment. On Unity, tell 'em Webster's sent you, and on Websters, tell 'em Unity sent you. You'll understand it when you get there.

Gina K Blog Hop and Giveaway

Spellbinders prize !  Go over, leave a comment within the next (actually less than) 48 hours to win a fab Spellbinder's prize. Gina's also having a really big blog hop, and hers are some of the best I've seen. You'll thank me if you win, we'll all cry together if none of us gets it !


SCRAPBOX !!!!  Not gonna give you alot of details on this, other than Click and GO ! Deadline applies.

Stuck on You !

Got to the Helmar page HERE and grab their blinkie. They'll be looking for blinkies and randomly awarding some really cool adhesives to the lucky ones who have posted  the blinkie and then let Helmar know they've done it. Full details on the link.

okay I know the big HERE is supposed to be green, but today it wont turn green. Click it anyway !

Essential to Crafters

Home for the Holidays  Folgers Coffee is giving some lucky folks a free ride home for the holidays. Just write 200 words or so telling them why you want to go home. I'm already home, but I know that alot of your families are spread over the continent and in some cases, the world. Click the green link takes you to the submission form,  go to the FB page and grab a sample of free Folgers coffee. I remember the old percolator from my childhood days, watching the coffee pop up in the little glass thingie on the top, and my mom hollering "oh %$&^ when she realized the top wasn't on and the coffee was percolating onto the counter. Sure miss those days. Wish Santa would bring me a Keurig for Christmas !

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where I was, and why it's important

I'm usually on my laptop about 8 - 10 hours a day. Last week I went to a couple of doctor appointments, and yesterday I had another. I get to travel 125 miles to the VA hospital, fun trip. Last week I had a mammogram and afterwards, they not only called me, they called my mom to get ahold of me. There was a "spot" on the mammogram that shouldn't have been there. So, they scheduled me for some alternate views and an ultrasound . The next day I had a colonoscopy, and they removed 3 polyps. My father passed away from colon cancer at the age of 53, I've had benign polyps before, and so has my sister. Still waiting for the biopsy. Fast forward to yesterday, where I got excellent treatment at the Breast Health Institute at Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD. They showed me the scans, they answered every question, squished me 5 more times, ultrasounded me, consulted the doctor twice, then he came in and ultrasounded me. Result : 2 benign and harmless cysts requiring no treatment.

SO : If you are told by your doctor that you need a colonoscopy, get one. The preparation is gross and nasty, but it can save your life. If they tell you to get a mammogram, get one. It's a little strange seeing yourself be squished into a pancake, but it can save your life. If you don't have health insurance or cannot afford these tests, and you need to have them done, ask for ways to have them done at a lower cost or free. IT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE !

We now return you to StampinOnThePrairie.............

A HUGE giveaway

Paper Addict Catherine is celebrating her blogaversary, but she's giving us a chance at a big big big gift. Go HERE to play along.

A Free Class from our Friends at Northridge Media

Create is offering a free class starting on Nov 29 . Follow the instructions and have fun !

Free Jessica Sprague Class

Okay,,,I made a decision !

From this point forward, when I want to send you somewhere, the link will be in the post, it will be larger than the rest of the text, and it will be green. It will (in theory, I'm not perfect) take you right to where you need to be. If where you need to be is farther down the page, I'll let you know left, right, down, etc. Does that work for you, my sweet followers ?


Enchanted with Roly Rosies Flowers

Hi ! I'm back. Not so fun story that ended out okay, tell ya later.

Now on to today's fun and good giveaway from our friends at Imaginisce . Click on the big word, and it will take you to their blog feed, on the left side, just go down a little. If you've missed any of my other postings, the other Imaginisce giveaways are there too.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bazzill Matchmaker's the scoop on Bazzill Matchmaker. From their site:

"For a complete list of all the Bazzill cardstock colors that match the printed paper collections of more than 60 manufactures, click here."

You'll L-O-V-E it !!


First thing in the A.M. Giveaway !

Bazzill is giving away Graphic 45 paper again.  I won their "A Proper Gentleman" giveaway, and it was a full 12 x 12 pad PLUS 11 coordinating sheets of Bazzill cardstock, This one is easy..just one email, and you're signed up.For the details, click and do what the nice lady says. This is excellent paper, and a really good site. Have you ever used their Matchmaker service ? no, no, no, it's not a crafty dating service, but even better...

Monday, November 15, 2010

One more before I go to bed  Not getting fancy with this post, I really want to crawl in the bed with the cats...they're so sweet, they have the bed all warmed up for me. Anyway, I found this on another random ramble thru the web, it was on a site for a show called the Balancing Act, which airs on Lifetime.


I Can't Keep up !!

Heather, at Organized Chaos is a member of the Imaginisce Design Team, and she has a HUGE, I'm talkin' mega-big giveaway going on, but only until Nov 19. You know the drill. Good Luck !


Okay, now for a vote

Since I'm pretty satisfied with the formaat of the blog, I'd like you to leave a comment here as to what color I should make the clickable links in the post. Oh, and in case you haven't already figured it out, but I'm sure you have, because you're some pretty smart cookies, all those gorgeous buttons on the right side of the blog are clickable and will take you straight to what you clicked on. If something goes wrong, please let me know so I can fix it for you.


More Giveaways from Imaginisce

This time it's The Splendor of Autumn (win a class kit). Go on over to Imaginisce and follow all the rules...looks like this is going to be a big week for giveaways at their house ! And who doesn't love the chance for something free, especially when it totally rocks ??!!??

This One is A GOODIE !!

I don't know anyone who doesn't like Imaginisce products (except my mom, who hates anything to do with paper and stamps), so you MUST put this one on your calendar ! Imaginisce Enchanted Launch Party and tell all your friends. Check it out, you will not be sorry !

It's not you, it's me

The worst thing about Blogger is the power to change. Sometimes there aren't enough options, sometimes too many. SO, if this thing looks whacked out, or different every time, I've gotten bored and decided to change. The one thing that's driven me nuts is the music player. It never fits where I want it to, if I put it at the bottom, you have to scroll all the way down to turn it off. If it's at the top, it hogs up the space. If you change the width or the template layout...well, let's not go there ! So, I'm working and paring down, trying to give you a better experience when you visit, and find something I like that I don't have to mess with every other day.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Not just for Canadians

I ran across another great magazine online. Not like the ones where you have to PAY to download, but this one is FREE ! It's called Scrapbook and Cards Today , and is chock full of great ideas, layouts, ads from great well known companies. I invite you to click and see what you've been missing ! And for my Canadian friends, the back part of the book list scrapbook stores all over Canada where you can purchase the latest and greatest supplies. Remember to download the latest issue, and view it at your leisure.

KinderStampO Candy

Run over to their FB page for this giveaway:
Facebook Candy: How about some Helmar :) How about three of my favorite Helmar products: Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots, Helmar Premium Craft glue and Helmar Quick Fix Permanent Adhesive runner. Leave a comment here to enter to win. Share this post on your page and get a second chance to win. Good Luck, Jess