Saturday, December 11, 2010

How do I unfollow myself ?

I meant to click to follow Janna {{welcome, Janna}} and somehow ended up following myself ??? I guess that's one way to get my numbers up !

Friday, December 10, 2010

Folger's Giveaway

Folgers Holiday Promotion You can enter every day of the week for a great weekly prize. This runs for the rest of this week and 3 more weeks, so put it on your Favorites Bar so you remember to enter every day.

Free Fonts

Free Font Friday at Creating Keepsakes Blog. Go over and get your three free fonts.

Core'dinations Fabulous Friday Finale

Here You Go ! It's the last day of the Graphic 45 Blog Swap. Head over to Core'dinations and get your comment in.


create: is having a Basic grey Giveaway

Webster's Pages Blog Hop

HERE is where you go....BLOG HOP has Started! EVERY blog has a chance to win a set a Stamps! Woooo-Hooo! Starting at Audrey's Blog!

2 chances to win ?

Check out this post from KinderStampO ...looks like at least two prizes to me, one now, and more during the blog hop that starts at midnight tonight. They were my very first blog hop, and it was great fun.

You don't want to miss this !!

Cricut Magazine made it to their 5000 fan mark, and now they are ging away a Cricut Expression every day. Go check it out.

Last Day For Oprah's Give-O-way

LAST CHANCE to enter the big giveOway.............I've got MY fingers crossed, I would really like to have a selection of the favorite things. They're even giving money to pay the taxes on the looks REALLY big. Click the lime green LAST CHANCE, enter, and Good Luck !

Contact Me/Translator

If you wish to leave me a question, message or feedback, and not have it public, you can click on my profile, and within my profile is a link to my email. This is for questions and comments about the blog and its contents, or for a nice, general personal note. NO SPAM, nothing you wouldn't be proud for your mother to see. We're nice decent people here, and I think you all know what that means. If I receive innapropriate emails, I will shut you down. Just sayin....

ALSO: Because of the people who are from other countries and may speak a different language, I have installed the Google Translator gadget. There are a number of languages in the dropdown menu, just choose the one you want, enter the text in the top box either by typing or copy and paste from a post, click the translate button, and your translation appears at the bottom of the box. I hope this helps some of my viwers out.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

For My Followers

I got a lovely comment from an anonymous follower who would probably benefit from a translator widget or gadget. As I look at my stats, I have visitors from Russia, Croatia, India - you name it ! Every day I'm surprised at where my visitors are coming from. And I am so appreciative that this person took the time to tell me that they are following my site. I'm happy that people come here and get use from my blog and all the giveaway postings, but soon the blog will necessarily go in its original direction - to showcase my creations, provide some tutorials and share things I have received from card swaps. After the holidays, I'm thinking that the giveaways are going to thin out, but not completely dry out. I hope you all continue to visit, I'd like to see more comments on the posts and in the chatbox. I'm getting feedback from a couple of people, yet there's been almost 600 hits to the site in a little over a month. As I had posted before, I'm not feeling the love. I'm feeling used. I will do a blog candy giveaway when I reach 25 followers through Google Friend Connect. And only people who are registered will be eligible. It's only fair to reward the true followers to a site, and I'd rather have a handful of thankful appreciative people who come and take 30 seconds to comment, than a couple thousand who run in and out and show up just for the free stuff. If this post causes you to completely leave the site, then so be it. Just sayin'......

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Going Off The Grid

I'm going to drop out for another day or two. My left hand is NOT getting better, and forcing it to try to do things is not making it's actually feeling worse. There are still alot of things going on out in craft land, so let me suggest you continue to follow FB and Twitter, and go back to some of my older posts for continuing offers. Wish I could get a guest blogger, but I'm still a babe in blogland, so you are on your own for a short bit.

I'll let you  know when things get better - hopefully soon.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Creating Keepsakes

From the CK FB Page  Go on over and like them and let them know Imaginisce sent you....and make sure you're liking Imaginisce too !

Epiphany Crafts Button Studio/Scrapbook Trends magazine/Create

HERE YOU GO and HERE TOO  Make sure you hit both links, if you're real careful, you'll see the potential for 3 giveaways !!!

Naptime for me now, my days/nights got reversed. Remember to keep an eye out on FB, all yor favorite sites and some of my previous posts..alot of these promtions are ongoing. If you see something I've missed, drop a note in the chatboxx or email me....we'll get it out !

Digi Freebies from Pink Paislee

Go all the way back to Day 1, and within each post, there are fabulous vintagey Christmas digis for FREE


Petaloo - Day 6  Bookmark Petaloo and follow them all the way to Day 12.....they're celebrating along with Pink Paislee...and giving, giving, giving !

If You are a Seamstress...

amy-butlers-style-stitches-book-review-and-giveaway  Sponsored by Mod Podge Rocks ! This book features loads of purses and bags for every level of sewing ability.

Only one entry per person.
Contest will close this Wednesday, December 8th at midnight (EST).

Where Was My Brain ????

Yesterday I posted that there were 3 days left on Oprah's 12 Day Holiday Giveoway - and it actually runs until 12-10-2010....all the way until Friday.


Okay, so I'm trying something else new, because it looks like a grand way to catch free stuff..and don't we all love that ! I signed up for Twitter ! I'm @Lzbthnn , so go join, follow tweets, and maybe say hi ! I'll occasionally post over there too, so follow me there. Twitter

Pink Paislee

HERE and check out the status..all you have to do is change you profile pic on FB to the Pink Paislee blinkie...there are several more prizes waiting for a home.

Imaginisce 12 Days of Christmas - Day 6

HERE first , please read the whole post, you'll be travelling to the Guest Blogger's blog. I noticed that on these two blogs, the comments are at the TOP...something different. So, read, follow directions, comment, and cross your fingers to win the newiBond and the Cottage Christmas line !

EDITED: I am a moron in the middle of the night. Ignore those bubbles unless you are wanting to post to FB...otherwise, do like regular humans do, and click the post title to get to comment. Sheesh, I am going back to bed !

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pink Paislee wants to know what You want for Christmas

START HERE   and read the whole post, because there is another giveaway buried in it.

HELMAR - Still at It !!

Helmar's Facebook Page  I just got up from a nap and went to check FB, and Helmar has been going crazy all day ! Prizes all over the place, even in the videos. Lots of random questions, can't keep up with them...

Your Mission....check them out. I won't be posting anymore Helmar promotions today, because I'd miss dinner (Mom hates that), and I'd be posting all night. So, you're on your own tonight with this one!

Looks like Helmar's going WILD !

HERE  Looks like you should pay attention to these guys today. They are firing off random questions about Christmas favorites, and I'm guessing prizes could follow. Remember to Like them on FB and get your friends to follow too !

Have You Been Following Oprah's 12 days of Christmas Giveaway ?

HERE  And there are only 3 days, Monday, and Tuesday. This is by far one of the easiest giveaways out there. Don't miss the opportunity !

Please Don't be mad.....

But I just won some fabulous Helmar products in a split second ! It was one of those short notice things, or I really would have shared it with you. This is where it pays to "like" your favorite companies, post their badges/blinkies on your blog, and keep watch on what's going on.

Just a piece of info : I enter every contest or giveaway I post  before I share it, so I can let you know where to go and what to do. The only ones I don't enter are for cricut cartridges, because I can't use them.

I feel so lucky !

Helmar Hop --- With Prizes

Helmar's hop starts today and runs thru Tuesday, with prizes all along the way from Amazing companies !! Go HERE  to start the fun and good luck !!

So Sorry !!

I've been scrolling thru my usual sources and I feel so bad that there were so many missed opportunities while I was gone on Thursday and Friday ! I'm going to do my best with my limp  left hand and my chicken pecking right hand to keep up with the upcoming deals and giveaways. My best advice would be to bookmark all the great places you've been to and stalk them. You might find something I have missed ! If you don't have a blog, feel free to pass them along to me and I'll get it out to the world. Let your friends know about my blog, and I encourage you and them to become friends with me, and we'll have some good times here.


Girls just wanna have fun ~ PKS and PBD style!

HERE  is where you want to be to start your chance at winning. Peacht Keen Stamps and Pink by Design. You'll be leaving a comment on both sites and extra points for posting it on your own site. Easy peasy entries ! (Cool prizeS too !)