Friday, December 10, 2010

Contact Me/Translator

If you wish to leave me a question, message or feedback, and not have it public, you can click on my profile, and within my profile is a link to my email. This is for questions and comments about the blog and its contents, or for a nice, general personal note. NO SPAM, nothing you wouldn't be proud for your mother to see. We're nice decent people here, and I think you all know what that means. If I receive innapropriate emails, I will shut you down. Just sayin....

ALSO: Because of the people who are from other countries and may speak a different language, I have installed the Google Translator gadget. There are a number of languages in the dropdown menu, just choose the one you want, enter the text in the top box either by typing or copy and paste from a post, click the translate button, and your translation appears at the bottom of the box. I hope this helps some of my viwers out.

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Diana said...

What's a viwer?