Friday, October 15, 2010

Not Craft, but Cool

Daily Grommett Flying Wish check it out.

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Free Digi Art

Dover Publications has tons of books of vintage art, flowers, Celtic designs, just about anything you can imagine. You can get them online or just about any bookstore. I signed up today for their Wednesday newsletter. Every Wednesday you get an email with links to new FREE art. Sign up and get yourself some cool free images !

Dover Publications

Finally Friday !

And I should be working on swaps right now, but I really want a nap, but I should be organizing my supplies, and I should be.....well, you know how it goes....the nap will come first ! I'm really starting to get hooked on swaps, I am currently in 6 of them. I like to get a basket and pull all the stamps and paper related to what I'm doing, and then go from there. Theoretically, then I put all the stuff back when I am done.

I really need to beef up this blog and post some pictures and make it interesting, so that thousands of you will follow me and I can offer some blog candy. I just found out there is a CTMH rep in town, and there are some gatherings coming up, so I'll get out of the house and have someone to talk to besides the cats.

Happy Friday Y'all !