Friday, November 19, 2010

One more before bed

Wanted to get this one out before I passed out on the keyboard. Don't laugh, it's happened ! I get the PaperWishes newsletter, and just about every time they have new paper lately, they have a downloadable PDF of some really spiffy tags. I like to print mine on either Kraft paper (kinda dark) or Bristol Vellum. It's not real vellum, it's a 9 x something good sturdy paper, so if you have a regular printer, you have to trim it down. So, on to the download Paper Wishes downloadable Tags If you get their newsletter, just type free downloads, and it pops up the papers that have the tags. This particular set is called Christmas splendor, and they are bee-yoo-tee-full !! I'm thinking good white or vanilla cardstock to print on this time. Hope you can find some use for them, would love to see what you do, send me a link or a picture.

Kittens are waiting on me


Rebecca said...

I love when the furry kids tell you it's bedtime lol

Liz said...

If I'm upstairs, they come up and stare at me until I come to bed. We used to live in a 1st floor apartment, so they were used to being able to find me all the time.