Thursday, February 17, 2011

More for You !

A couple of these may have been posted before. I do that because it may be an ongoing contest, which I will usually tell you, or it's a site's desire to raise their fan base. I repost because some people may not read all of the posts. I'd be very happy if you passed this little blog on to your crafty friends, and ask them to join us via Google Friend Connect. I have stated in the past that once I get 25 people via Friend Connect, I will offer blog candy. I also have it on pretty good authority, that once my readership reaches 100, I will have an outside sponsor donate a prize. I can guarantee it will be a fun one !! Okay, so in keeping with my earlier post, I am going to post links, and you get to find the prize. There may or may not be more than 1 prize connected to a link. Please keep another couple things in mind...most giveaways and contests are one entry only. And for the most part, they are open to everyone--everywhere. If they aren't they will normally state that. If you want to pass something on to your friends, I suggest you send a message to a select group of people that you KNOW are crafty like us. Just make another list within FB, and you can send it just to those people. Here we go !!






F (might be a duplicate from today's first post)


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