Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Surprise - not so surprising

Was planning to have pictures up by this morning. Went to get the battery out of the charger, because 24+ hours should be enough, right ? Battery was dead as a doornail. Bad connection between the charger and the wall. The whole thing is close to 10 years old anyway. I have a 1.3 MP Nikon Coolpix, got it when it first came out for about $400....I think they sell on eBay for like $1.25 now...LOL. onestly, it takes great pictures, even if they are blown up to 8 x 10s.

Have a Workshop on the Go with my CTMH friends tonight, we're using the Magnifique Workshop - gorgeous blues and brown and teals. I hear a rumor there's a mini catalog coming soon, will clarify tonight if I can. Right now and until the end of Dec, if you spend $20 at a consultant's site (use the CTMH badge on the blog here), you will get a random set worth $22.95....now that's a deal. I can't do it myself this month, but like I said, hit that CTMH on my page and it takes you right to my Joani !

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