Monday, March 14, 2011

Goodnight !

Again, not much except the cricut.MCT/SCAL debate. I've never heard such angry people in my life - and I just don't want to get into a big fuss about it, so I am choosing to stay out of it.

Changing weather the last few days has left me in bed, but tomorrow I'm going to pick up my new glasses, and will get a few new craft things. I recently got my hands on the original Cricut Personal Cutter, and I need a couple of cartridges, anybody care to recommend a good cartridge, or the best place to buy them ?

I suppose I had better pick up a few more things for blog candy - 25 is not that far away !

Talk to you tomorrow night or Wednesday. Leave me some comments !


Tracy said...

Have fun with your new cricut. Not sure which cartridge I would recommend, as I have to actually use mine more :)

Janna said...

Hi Liz, wishing you a lovely weekend and some sunshine! Janna