Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pardon My Dust

Doing a little reconstruction here, the pink was making my eyes go numb, I think the blue is a little more calming. I don't have many templates to choose from, and I know just enough about writing code to really mess this up. If any of you out there knows of some good free 3 column templates, let me know. I want to add a page yet for cards I have received from swaps, cards I have made, and a gallery for my dear followers to post their creations in. What else would you like to see ?


Janna said...

Hi Liz! Have a look at or search for Leelou Designs.They offer some free templates and/ or backgrounds. I like the new style btw and you have advanced options in your blogger menu too, there are a lot of backgrounds/ templates as well, if you havent seen them yet. Wishing you a merry xmas! If you have any questions do not hesitate and contact me, maybe i can help :D
Hugs Janna

Rebecca said...

Yes loving the new colour, easy on the eyes. I would love to see your cards. I have used for my page; reminds me time for a redo there too. Merry Christmas

Liz said...

Thanks ladies, I've bookmarked shabbyblogs, think I will give this a try for awhile.
Merry Christmas !