Monday, January 3, 2011

Just an FYI

I'll be off the air for most of the day and early evening tomorrow. I have a dental appointment in the morning (pull a tooth that broke today) and a "Scrap Your Stash" class tomorrow early evening to use up my stuff to make a 6 page 6 x 6 album (I think that's the size). I'll also be gone Friday during the day (dr appt out of town), but will have my trusty laptop with me in case I am stuck. Then, back to whatever normal happens to be.



Janna said...

good luck at the dentist ;)
take care

Rebecca said...

I was going to say have fun, but there is a dentist appointment in there.

Liz said...

Dentist not so bad when they give you nitrous oxide and 3 shots of novocaine. You still kinda feel it, but you really don't care. Just bugs me it wasthe right tooth next to the big front teeth (canine?) Gonna have to move back South if I lose any more teeth. Didn't get to go to the workshop either :-(. I'll be fine in a couple days. Thanks for thinking of me !