Friday, January 7, 2011

For Rebecca and other Canadians

Rebecca let me know that Sizzix does not ship to Canada. Well, does, and they have a 40% off coupon good for one item per month. There are alot of things that you can't use the coupon on, but get on their newsletter and once a month they send you the coupon code, and if you haven't used it, near the end of the month, they remind you.
I'm, going hunting for the new Sew Easy tool today. I bought two of the new heads for it yesterday, but nobody has the tool handle itself. I was told at my favorite scrapbooking store that they are literally flying off the shelves. If I can't find the handle, I'm going to be obstinant and try to use the head by itself. Honestly, I don't think you "need" their special thread, I think you can get away with embroidery floss.
Time to get moving towards the shower..see y'all later !

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Rebecca said...

Thanks, I do use Cut@home, but sometimes those deals on Sizzix are freaking awesome lol. I keep bugging them on FB to ship here lol. I have in the past had someone in the state buy and ship them up here. Actually Cut@Home was able to get me a special order from Sizzix, I might have to try that with the exclusives lol
Let me know how the Sew Easy is, I have been looking at that.