Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday BIG

HGTV  Dream Home - OMGoodness...this is grand. Ends Feb 18. You know there's lots of rules, so read them !  All they gather to enter is your basic information, and there's another Homecoming prize pack for the winners that you can vote on up to 10 times a day ! That's just for the prize pack, not the house. The house you can vote daily. The winner of the prize pack gets what the new owners will get. Pretty darn cool. Iwas so excited, I forgot to check where it is, but I believe it's in Vermont. Gorgeous Master suite and room downstairs for 8 people. Got to see it to believe it. You can also vote at FrontDoor, so that's a total of two votes a day for the house.
And if that wasn't enough, HGTV is also giving away a Blog Cabin at FrontDoor. It is located in Susan, Virginia, 155 miles southeast from Washington, D.C. Also voting for the kitchen setup, much the same as the Dream Home. I know there's alot more I could write on these promotions, but I wanted to get this out fast. You're like me, "I could never win this" - well, you can't win if you don't enter". If you win and I don't, invite me for a week. If I win, I'll have the biggest blog candy in the world...LOL...not the whole house, but a vacation. Awwww, a girl can dream, can't she ?

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