Friday, January 21, 2011

Why in the middle of the night ??

Well, it all started with a question from Core'dinations on their FB page. They wanted us to guess who they were core'dinating with next. They were going to have the answer set to post at 12 AM EST, and I knew I couldn't stay up that long, but I also knew I'd wake up in the night and have to know.  Hence, this post.
Core'dinations is giving away 40 packs of their newest, unreleased assorted packs of TIM HOLTZ and RANGER !! One pack is called Distressed, and the other is Adirondack. Now when you go to their blog, it flips between the Tim Holtz and Ranger screen and Stacy Julian screen. Click towards the bottom (where it says "Click Here") and it gives you an entry form. NOW...what is VERY important to remember is you only get ONE entry into this contest, so if you run across this offer in another link or another post somewhere, do not enter again. Entering again on a one entry contest will usually get all your entries voided (my words). So, find the entry form, fill it out ONE time, and then cross your fingers that you are one of the lucky 40. This is going to be a great release, especially when you can win it before it's even released ! Good Luck ! The bad news is this : you must be 18 or older and you can only enter if you are from the US or Canada. Winners will be picked at random for the 40 prizes and will be notified by email.

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