Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finally Back Home

I was supposed to be home Friday night, but I was just too tired to drive, so I stayed at the hotel one more day/night and did nothing but sleep. Woke up to a little snow, maybe an inch, and once I got on the road, it got ugly. On an interstate that you can drive 75 on, I was lucky to go 50. On the positive side, it made my gas mileage go up to 40 mpg. So I get home, and brought my stuff in the hoouse, went out to get a pizza, then  mom and I had dinner, and back into bed I went. Have even had a nap already today !

I had everything I needed to take pictures of my cards -- except the cards ! Boy, did I feel stupid. I did get lots of goodies, which I will tell you about Tomorrow.

Trips take alot out of me, and I got another one of those lovely steroid shots in my hip. It's working very well, but as for my back, there are 4 vertebrae that are acting up, and I found out that one or more of my meds is causing me (along with me) to gain weight. Looks like a big conference to change things again to see if it works.

Bear with me, and I'll get this blog going again.


Rebecca said...

Glad you made it home okay. Must be a pain to have to go so far for doctors. I guess that makes me glad I like in a city (sometimes). Hope the doctors get things figured out. I am starting a new plan (not really new) of eating and exercising this week. I have to lose weight before DD wedding in Sept.

Liz said...

It is kind of a pain to drive up there, but it does give me a chance to go shopping and spend the night. I could use my military insurance here, but that costs money, Going to the VA Hospital is free.