Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday, just before breakfast - Oh, and I won again !

I made it to the hotel, even after the blizzard of the weekend. The highways were amazingly good. I headed straight to the hotel, ate the complimentary cookies and some decaf coffee. Usually I drink my coffee as strong as they can make it, but I've given up on caffeine after noon.
Today, I get to go for an orthopedic appt, probably shots in the knees and hips. They work wonders, but you can't overdo it right afterwards........or you do pay for it !!! Depending on how things go, I will get to do all my quick stops at the shops, and then late lunch, my nap, and a quick runthru of what's out there.
And I won again ! It was thru, and the did a review of Quick Snippers. Basically the Swiss army knife of decorative scissors...1 straight blade, and 5 fancy ones. I think it will be very handy to take to card class and make a quick edge so mine are a little different. (Please excuse me if I already posted this, not trying to make a big deal about it - I forget what I do and don't post sometimes) I should get it in the next week or so.
I'm very excited to go and pick up my Sew Easy heads. They do have gorgeous shades of threads, and they are about $3. I have tons of embroidery thread from my cross-stitching days, so I'll do some of that first. OKAY.....on to the posts....sorry I missed them yesterday.

Moxie Fab "Stamp" of Approval Comment on the site, tell them which you like best, you could win all 4 !!

Imaginisce - Berrylicious Hop on this one quick, I expect they will announce a winner tonight or tomorrow. They were having a release party, and today was the last day. Point to remember - release parties usually involve a give away. Go back to the other posts by looking down the left side for February posts, and comment on the others too ! You could win the entire Berrylicious Collection, and it's going to be just darling for spring and summer. It may not be too late to change your FB profile pic to one of their 3 darling avatars, they're going to randomly pick someone who has changed their pic.

May Arts has been doing alot with Graphic 45.........delish ribbons and divine paper. Leave a comment on the May Arts FB page.

So far that's all I see. Will take time later to update.

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Rebecca said...

Congrats on the win. Good Luck with all your appointments. Please let us know what goodies you picked up. So are you liking the Sew Easy, I have one on the way. Busy making Save the Date cards for daughters wedding in Sept. Oh I put a couple of pictures on my blog