Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting ready to go

Trip to the VA hospital for follow ups and probably shots in the hips and knees. I got my partial plate for my upper teeth last week, and am getting useed to those. I have several cavities, 3 of them pretty bad, that will be taken care of in the next six weeks Want to see pix of those ? LOLOL !

I dug my car out of the new foot of snow we got in our weekend blizzard, and we have a wonderful neighbor who has a snowblower and takes care of our front walks and driveway. Another neighbor in the back, takes care of the back driveway and the back walk. By now, the highways will be pretty clear, but I have to leave on Wed for my Thurs appt because it is at 9:40...NO way am I getting up that early and driving 125 miles. I will be in a town that has a Michael's, a Joanns, a Tuesday Morning, a Hobby Lobby, a TJ Maxx, and my favorite LSS - R Scrapbook store. Is there anything you want me to look at - to see if it is in stores yet - or if it is as pretty in real life as in the mags or online ?

I get to get the rest of the new heads for my Sew Easy - and I hear there are 6-8 new, larger heads coming out too. I'm also going to purchase the 7 Gypsies Binderie. They haven't been selling well at Hobby Lobby, and they were marked down to $23.99 a couple weeks ago. I think I have a pretty good chance of getting one. And then some more Tim Holtz bits and pieces, some more Black Magic Core'dinations, some springtime colored Bazzill papers, and a few other things that catch my eye. Full report on Saturday.

Now it's time for a quick nap before supper, then pack to leave in the morning. Two nights in a hotel.....I just love hotels for some reason. I'm sure my cats will snub me when I get back.

Later, xoxoLiz

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Take care, Liz!