Friday, November 26, 2010

Dover Publications - Clip Art

I've posted before about signing up for their newsletter so you can get free samples of clipart every week. There's another trick to getting more than that, with just a little more work. HERE is the link to the Dover Store. On the right hand side, you can see their Holiday shop, and down the left side are other Christmas books they offer. If you click on a book, and quickly scan the description, you will see if they have samples from the book available for viewing. Click, and you'll get 3, 4, or even more - full pages and individual samples that you can just right click on and save. The majority are full color illustrations, but their are some black and white coloring pages. Alot of the coloring and activity pages have samples you can print out to keep the little ones busy while you craft, or cook, or do the dishes....

Once you get into the store, you'll see at category drop down list on the right hand side, and you'll have your pick of books to look for samples from, all without waiting for the newsletter. Printed on good cream colored cardstock, distressed up a little, you could make something really pretty and vintage. Give it a try !

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