Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Online Deals and Steals/Black Friday

On the right side of my blog, there are several blog badges and blinkies that will take you directly to those sites. Please understand that I do not get anything from these people for advertising for them. It's just my way of promoting my favorite sites. I'm pretty sure that nearly every store online will have great deals for online shoppers.

We got all the Black Friday sale papers this morning, and while there are great things advertised, keep in mind that quantities will be limited, and you won't get a raincheck. I know some people just live for Black Friday, but I am not a crowd person, I have nothing to spare in the budget, plus it has gotten cold and is getting colder here in South Dakota. They are talking single digits both above and BELOW zero. My mother cashed in her reward points so I can give gift cards to my sons this year. Otherwise, no Christmas. Any other Christmas will be handmade. Mom and I are discussing buying a small chest freezer so we can keep stocked up for the winter. That will be our present to each other.

Whether you go out or stay in, Happy Thanksgiving to you !

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