Tuesday, November 23, 2010

LOVE to My Canadian Friends ! And, soon, Candy for all !

In the last week, I have had 45 visitors from Canada, and 29 from the US ! Keep it up guys and gals, and let's see how many followers I can get. I've been told that once I get to 100 followers on the Google Friend Connect, I will be able to have some blog candy from a MAJOR SPONSOR....let's get rolling now ! Once I get to 25 followers, I will host my own blog candy from my stash, and I'll be letting go of some good stuff.

Just sign up under Google friend connect. If you need an invitation to get a Google account, I've got them. (Does Google even require that anymore ?)

AT 0203/23Nov2010, edited to clarify : NOT Candy for every one of the first 25 that sign up. I apparently did not read the post before I hit "Publish Post". YIKES ! I don't have that much good stuff to give away that I don't want anymore. Maybe for every 25, I will give blog candy, how does that sound ? But remember, I need you to sign up thru Google friend Connect to follow me, so I can see you.

And while I'm at it, how do you think this is going so far ? What's your favorite part of my blog ? Least favorite part ? What do you want to see that isn't here now. I do this blog for you, so you tell me what you want.
We now return you to our normally scheduled programming.....................


Rebecca said...

hey that is awesome, that you are getting that many followers

Liz said...

Well, I have the Super Seven so far, but I am getting hits from alot of places, so I'm feeling hopeful.