Friday, November 26, 2010

Sorry, the Christmas tree just HAD to go !

Many of my astute readers notice that I tend to play around with the configuration of the blog from time to time. I pit the Christmas tree because I thought it was cute and festive. Now it's just annoying, so bye-bye Christmas tree. Keep watching for more changes to come, especially when I can't sleep.

For those of you who follow my blog thru an RSS feed, I APOLOGIZE for the giant ads after every single post. There aren't supposed to be that many. I am hounding Blogger about that today.

Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving and didn't end up in a turkey coma. And for the brave souls who do the Black Friday thing , I hope that's gone well for you and that there has been no broken bones or bloodshed at the mall. I'm personally hoping that horrendously perky Target girl on the TV commercials disappears, and FAST !

Fun and exciting posts later in the day. Going on 19 hours with no sleep.

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